Automatically sync events across multiple calendars.

Sync your events with GetCalendario

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Sync your time

It’s 2024! Are you still reconciling events across your personal and work calendars? Let GetCalendario do it for you in real-time.

Avoid double-bookings

GetCalendario keeps all of your calendars synchronized, so you’ll never double-book yourself again.

Customize your connections

Options include: marking destination events as private, overriding event title and descriptions, and connection chaining.

Privacy matters

We take your privacy seriously. All of your calendar event details are encrypted as soon as they hit our servers.

Supported calendar providers

Connect your calendar(s) from Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft, and Microsoft Exchange.

Share your availability

Keeping your calendar up-to-date is important for your co-workers to know when you're available.

Connect your personal or other work calendars with GetCalendario and your team will know when you're available without knowing the details of your events.

GetCalendario - Example event

Unlimited potential

With custom configuration options for each connection, your calendar syncing possibilities are unlimited.

Mark events as private

Protect your privacy in your destination calendar by automatically marking events as private.

Override title and description

If you need to block off time in your destination calendar without providing details about the event, you can override the title and description text of the event.

Connection chaining

With built-in connection syncing, GetCalendario will automatically send events to destination calendars connected in a chain.

One time setup

No app to download or install. Login to GetCalendario on the web, setup your connections, and we will take care of syncing your events automatically.

Accessible anywhere

If you need to update a connection or create a new one, you can access GetCalendario from anywhere in the world, on mobile or desktop.

Real-time sync

GetCalendario listens for events from your connected calendar providers. When we discover a new event, we instantly sync it to all connected calendars.

Use your calendar as normal

You can continue to use your normal calendar application to access and manage your events.
GetCalendario - Connection summary


Don't take our word for it. See what our customers have to say.

“GetCalendario actually makes me more efficient. To the tune of 4 hours a week, on a Sunday no less.”

Simple & transparent pricing

Get started with 14 days of the Basic plan for $0.

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$5  or  $50/year

Connect calendars across multiple organizations.

What's included:

- 2 calendar accounts - 1 connection - Sync events up to 30 days out


$10  or  $100/year

For power users with many calendars to manage.

What's included:

- 4 calendar accounts - 12 connections - Sync events up to 60 days out


$20  or  $200/year

Connect calendars across multiple organizations.

What's included:

- 12 calendar accounts - 30 connections - Sync events up to 200 days out

Calendar accounts are your accounts with calendar provider such as Google, Apple, Outlook, etc.

Connections are the relationships setup between two calendars. Events are synced via a connection.

Compare Plans Basic Premium Pro
Price $5 monthly
$50 yearly
$10 monthly
$100 yearly
$20 monthly
$200 yearly
Days to Sync Forward 30 60 200
Days to Sync Backward 7 60 60
Connections 1 12 30
Calendar Accounts 2 4 12
Identifier on Sync
Number of Secondary Accounts 1 4 Unlimited
Sync Location
Sync Notes

Sync your events with GetCalendario

Try out GetCalendario for 14 days for free, no credit card required!

Start syncing your events for free!