How to sync your personal calendar to your work calendar

Published under Guides on Jan 26, 2022

Syncing your personal calendar events to your work calendar can be a great idea to help avoid being double booked. There's two common issues with this, though:

  1. You don't want your personal event details visible to your work peers
  2. You have to remember to manually block off the time slots on your work calendar

This is where Calenderio comes in. Calenderio allows you to setup a connection between your two calendars to automatically sync your personal events to your work calendar. Our system also includes the ability to mark the events as private, and to override both the event title and description so that the details of your events remain private to you.

Overview of the setup

For this article, we'll assume the following:

  • We are going to sync the events from our personal to our work calendar
  • We want to hide the details of our personal events from our work peers

Authenticating your accounts

The first step we'll need to take is to authenticate our accounts. We'll need to go through this step twice, as we have two accounts to sync (personal and work).

We have an article dedicated to authenticating your accounts, which you can read here: How to Authenticate a Calendar Account with Calenderio. In summary, you need to:

  • Head to the Accounts page.
  • Click on the "Add a new account" button.
  • You'll be redirected to Cronofy, our calendar partner. Connect your desired account with Cronofy by granting access to Cronofy.
  • You'll then be redirected back to the Calenderio Accounts page, where you'll see your newly connected account and its attached calendars.

Once you've authenticated both of your accounts, we can move on to creating the connection.

Creating the connection

After authenticating our accounts, we'll need to create the connection. A connection is what is used to sync events from one calendar to another.

We have an article dedicated for creating a new connection in Calenderio, which we recommend you check out if you're getting started with Calenderio: How to create a new connection in Calenderio.

The process is only a few steps:

  • Choose your calendars
  • Customize your connection details
  • Create the connection

All set!

If everything went according to plan, you'll see an event pop up in your work calendar labelled as "Busy":

Add Connection - Example Events

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